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Mortgages for Professionals

Professionals Mortgage Now provides a bespoke professionals mortgage advice service to Barristers, Doctors, Dentists, Pharmacists, Opticians, Solicitors, Teachers, Veterinary Surgeons, and other qualified Professionals.

Our experience in dealing with Professionals Mortgages, and our access to exclusive professional mortgage product, makes us unique in the market.

Professionals promise

We understand how busy professionals are – so be assured of a rapid turnaround from a professionals mortgage specialist who truly understands your needs.

We can usually arrange a mortgage offer in principle for a Professional within 24 hours.

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Professional, Independent and impartial

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Why use Professionals Mortgage Now

Here are 7 reasons why you should use the Professionals Mortgage Now service.

1. Savings

We work with the lenders across the whole of the UK market which enables us to find the most competitive mortgage rate available for your circumstances when making our recommendations.

2. Experience

Our team have been assisting professionals for over ten years. We know what can and cannot be done, we know what will cause lenders a problem, and how to deal with it.

3. Exclusives

We have access to exclusive product offerings, both those that can only be accessed by professional applicants, and those that simply offer you a better deal.

4. Service

We do everything online – this means, no meetings, no paperwork, no fuss.

5. Convenience

As a busy professional there are high demands on your time. Our service is set up to make your mortgage application process as easy as possible.

6. No fuss

We are available 24/7 through our online systems. Provide the information we require at a time to suit you using our secure online forms. Get regular updates on progress by email and sms text.

7. Solutions

Professionals have a range of complications that can cause problems when seeking a mortgage. We have dealt with these numerous times and have tried and trusted methods for resolving them. Whether a GP new to a practice, a self-employed barrister with high aged debt, or a locum dentist with limited history, we can assist.

How we arrange mortgages for Professionals

A Professionals mortgage product means higher lending and better rates – it means flexibility with underwriting which is not available to standard applicants.