The 7 minute Barristers mortgage

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Barristers Mortgages

Barristers Mortgages

We are specialists in obtaining exclusive professionals' mortgages for barristers that are:

  • Qualified
  • Practising
  • Registered

These exclusive mortgages will allow barristers to borrow at preferential rates and generous income multiples.

Difficulties you may face as a barrister when arranging a mortgage

Barristers can have a number of problems when arranging mortgages. Self employed status can be an issue with Lenders, particularly during the early years of trading as fee income builds. Many Lenders do not know how to treat payment during pupilage, or will not consider aged debt.

Professionals Mortgage Now and barristers

Fortunately we deal with Barristers every week and have relationships within the lender market that enable us to achieve what other mortgage brokers cannot.

Because we understand that Legal Professionals need quality mortgage advice that is provided swiftly and efficiently, we offer you our 7 minute mortgage service.